Sunday, March 22, 2009


This perhaps is the home from which come my most vivid early childhood memories. I really don't know why, but this home seemed to leave a special place in my heart. Again, it was just an old country farmhouse but I treasure the good times we had there. I believe it was during this period that our mother began to long for the freedom she had experienced with our father. While our grandparents and all of our mother's family was strong in their religious faith and steeped in the Methodist religion and its traditions, my mother had experienced a different, more evangelical worship style in my father's Pentecostal faith. In fact she too had been ordained a minister in what was then the Church of God, later to become the Church of God of Prophecy. From time to time, not frequently, a family would come and get all of us and take us to church in the City, as Grandpa would refer to it and thus we became reintroduced into the evangelical way of worship. My earliest memories include those of my "twenty-something" year old mother every night openly on her knees in fervent prayer in the bedroom we all shared. Her faith was lived out in every facet of her life and served her and her family very well in storms and in Sonshine.

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Anonymous said...

Christianity is often 'caught' and not just taught.
To see your mother living her faith on her knees in fervent prayer before you all speaks volumes to what true Christianity is all about.
Thank you for sharing this much needed reminder to us all to live what we say we believe.
God bless,