Monday, June 15, 2009


I hope you've missed me! Of late I've had to take a health break to focus attention on some issues that, quite frankly, I could no longer ignore. While not life threatening they certainly have meant life adjusting and my doctor quite aptly calls them the ravages of aging! So I've been engrossed in some extensive physical and aqua therapy seeking relief from a bummed out knee – the result of a foot broken several years ago and a resulting altered gait. But as has been my way over the years, when life's lemons come I look around to find a way to make a sweet mix of lemonade. Taking time out to heal a torn meniscus gave me opportunity to participate in a most joyous occasion in the life of our family – the marriage of my oldest sister whom by now you must surely know is very special and dear to me. On a visit at New Year's this year we were introduced to the man who would soon attempt to fill the shoes of a dearly loved brother-in-law. Could this happen – ever? It could, and it did. He fits in the family like a well-worn old shoe, very comfortable and soothing to the touch. A May date was soon set and the activities began. It surely was to be the wedding of the century! There was no way I would miss this event. Over the next couple of months it became more than apparent that I could not travel from Florida to South Carolina – not by ground or air. Brokenhearted though we were, she and I had a blessed time of sharing – she making the plans, allowing me to give input, doing what I love to do. She gave me a program outline and I gave back the finished copy for the printer; she gave me the tune and I gave back the words for her song. Shortly after the honeymoon the happy couple returned to visit. What a time we had – sharing the pictures, the video, shopping for her new home, cooking with my family – just being family! Life is so short; God is so generous! FAMILY –IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH!


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering yesterday where you might be and when we could expect another inspiring post from you!
How wonderful that you are back and what a blessing to have spent your down time finding joy in 'lemonade'.
May God bless your sister and her new husband and their life together as man and wife.

Jacquelyn said...

Hello Estelle. I have read all of your posts. What an amazing life you have had. I truly hope you will piece these posts together about your early life and find a book publisher. You grew up in a very different world...and you are obviously quite gifted at story-telling! Really, you need to do this, for yourself, for posterity, and for all who would otherwise not have a clue what life was like for you and many. I can't encourage you strongly enough to do this! Thanks so much for sharing...I feel greatly enriched! God bless.