Thursday, August 18, 2011



She gave her heart away today,
She'd given all she could.
Simply slipped into eternal sleep,
And God said, "This is good."

She was beautiful to the end,
Who'd want it any other way?
Why live, when beauty would be no more,
And suffering would have its say.

Tears seem useless, with a life fulfilled;
God spoke the final word.
Let us not grieve because she's gone,
She went to heaven in God's will.

So now the sisters, minus one
Must forge ahead and find their way.
God has spoken, and death has come;
Life continues, and God holds sway.

For life, for joy, for deeds well done,
We thank you, God, all three as one;
For the loving years we had as sisters,
We grieve not now, but we'll surely miss her.

In tribute to my beloved sister, Earlene, by Estelle Jenkins, August 18, 2011


Jean and Felix simmons said...

We read your tribute through a veil of tears and as Christians,we know that God has His wonderful creation back home with Him.I'm sure that you will miss her but as we know we will get to see our loved ones when we all get to Heaven one day.She was blessed to have loving sisters and a wonderful family.We love you Estelle

cwcowart said...

Well said...thank you Estelle for words that speak so much truth. Hugs to sisters three!
Love, Cheryl