Wednesday, November 25, 2009


On this the eve of Thanksgiving Day 2009 I pause to consider the blessings that have come to me through Family: My devoted and loving husband of 58 years, my own four children, their spouses and our grandchildren (all 12 of them plus one great-grand) along with their spouses – each through his or her own special goodness bringing joy to my life; My mother who gave everything she had, every ounce of energy of her very being, to her four girls; Her parents -- our wonderful grandparents – who extended themselves to keep us under their wings, nurturing us as their very own; Her siblings – our aunts and uncles – who cared for us, taught us, and allowed us to share their space in the family home; Her nieces and nephews – our cousins – with whom we laughed and played and shared their homes, their food, their toys and their parents. The many pastors who blessed our lives as the only "father" we ever knew; Our extended family, the church and Christian friends who have held our family up in actions and in prayer through both good and less good times of my life.
As I observe and contemplate the brokenness of families through sin and wrong choices made in these chaotic times, an explosion of thankfulness arises in my heart for these who helped to mold my thoughts and beliefs to keep my life on solid ground. COME YE THANKFUL PEOPLE, COME! RAISE A SONG FOR WHAT GOD'S DONE!

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Jacquelyn said...

Hi Estelle! Good to see you blogging again. I hope you will pick up your family story...I have enjoyed reading it. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!