Wednesday, March 4, 2009


And so our lives began – a mother and four little girls brought into a reality that life would be harsh but wonderfully rewarding; that storms would surely come but just as surely, if we kept our faith in God, that Joy Would Come in the Morning. After a couple of years at our grandparents' home we began a life with just the four of us – our youngest sibling being left behind with our grandparents – in an interdependent relationship of encouraging and uplifting each other. Our mother moved us out into a small farmhouse where she negotiated rent as a tenant farmer. The owner had cotton fields that needed workers and so it was that this would become our means of a blissful journey together as a family. It was always thus. We had nothing; but we were never poor! We wanted for nothing; because we had everything! The Lord was the source of our strength and He poured out His love through each of us individually to bring loving abundance each to the other!

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